Zero Escape - Virtue's Last Reward: Anagram

Time Limit:  1 s      Memory Limit:   128 MB
Submission:479     AC:183     Score:88.63


December 25, 2028. On his way from college, Sigma was kidnapped by a stranger in a gasmask. He awoke inside an elevator with a mysterious girl Phi who somehow knew his name. They escaped the elevator to meet seven other men and women trapped in the facility with them. Suddenly a talking rabbit avatar appeared on a computer screen. The AI explained,”The real Zero-is one of you. If you want to escape, you gotta play the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition.”

When they investigated the facility, Sigma and Phi found a string written on the wall: Two milkman go comedy. “This is an anagram.” Phi said, “The true string is ‘Welcome to my kingdom’. You see, if we rearrange all letters, we can constitute a new string.”

Now your conscious come to Sigma’s body, when Phi is investigating other rooms, can you judge whether a string is an anagram or not?


Your task is to judge some strings.

The first line is an integer t, represents the input has t test cases.

For each test cases, there are two lines, the first line is a string, it only contains lowercase letters and spaces, represents the original string. The second line is a string, only only contains lowercase letters and spaces, represents the rearranged string. 

Each string contains no more than 100 characters.


For each test case, if we can rearrange letters of the origin string and constitute them to the rearranged string, output “Yes”, otherwise output”No”. We don’t need to consider spaces in strings.


3 two milkmen go comedy welcome to my kingdom let the game end where i treat two together with me delta we are ten memento mori if the nineth lion ate the sun what the fxxk
Yes Yes No


Have a nice trick