Time Limit:  1 s      Memory Limit:   128 MB
Submission:3     AC:0     Score:99.98


Problem E: Interpreter

A certain computer has 10 registers and 1000 words of RAM. Each register or RAM location holds a 3-digit integer between 0 and 999. Instructions are encoded as 3-digit integers and stored in RAM. The encodings are as follows:

All registers initially contain 000. The initial content of the RAM is read from standard input. The first instruction to be executed is at RAM address 0. All results are reduced modulo 1000.

The input to your program consists of up to 1000 3-digit unsigned integers, representing the contents of consecutive RAM locations starting at 0. Unspecified RAM locations are initialized to 000.

The output from your program is a single integer: the number of instructions executed up to and including the halt instruction. You may assume that the program does halt.


299 492 495 399 492 495 399 283 279 689 078 100 000 000 000